Privacy policy

Hiwe Company does not take privacy lightly. Our approach in protecting your privacy is based on the following rules:

  • 1. We value the trust you place in us by entrusting your personal data to us. We will always use your personal data only in an honorable and honest manner, so as not to lose your trust.
  • 2. We provide transparent information about how we handle your personal data. You will always know clearly what data we collect, what we do with it, with whom we share it, and to whom you can turn for help if you have any concerns.
  • 3. We will take all appropriate measures to properly secure your personal data and to protect it from misuse.
  • 4. We will fulfill all the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to data protection, and we will work together with the appropriate authorities. If the pertinent legislation for data protection is not available, we will proceed in accordance with generally recognized principles for personal data protection.

  • Hiwe Company’s Privacy Policy

    Last update: October 2016

    This Privacy Policy contains information about what type of personal data we collect, how we use it, how it gets publicized and how we protect it.

    What Does the Privacy Policy Apply To?

    The Privacy Policy applies to personal data collected by Hiwe Company in connection with services provided by it. You may find more information about Hiwe Company on the website: This data includes information gathered via off-line centers for connecting consumers, direct marketing campaigns, lotteries and contests; and on line via our web pages, applications and platforms operated by a third party (“Hiwe pages”).

    This Privacy Policy also applies to the display of targeted content, including offers and advertisements for Hiwe products and services, acquired via web pages, platforms and/or third-party applications (“third-party pages”), targeted based on information gathered about your user activity (as defined below).

    These third-party pages may have their own privacy policies and conditions of use. We recommend that you read these policies and conditions before starting to use third-party pages.

    This Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the Conditions of Use of all of Hiwe’s pages. You will find information about Hiwe, which is responsible for the protection of your personal data, in the section Your Rights to Personal Data Protection and Whom to Contact below.

    Your Consent

    By using Hiwe’s pages, you are giving the relevant Hiwe Company permission to collect, use and publish your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this collection, utilization and publication of your personal data, please stop using Hiwe’s pages, and do not give your personal data to any Hiwe Company in any other way either.

    Hiwe Company will collect, utilize and publish your personal data only in instances as allowed by law. In most cases we will specifically ask you to give us permission; in some cases, however, your permission may be inferred on the basis of your activity or behavior. If it is necessary to use your personal data for purposes not mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we may ask you for additional consent. You are not required to give us this consent; however, if you choose not to, it may mean that your participation in some activities will be limited in a certain way. If you give us additional consent, then in the event of a discrepancy with the conditions of this Privacy Policy, the conditions of this consent will prevail.

    Please be aware that in justified cases, we may process your personal data even without your consent, provided that this does not affect your rights and legitimate interests.


    Most of Hiwe’s pages are intended for adults. In the case of Hiwe pages that are intended for younger users, we must obtain the consent of parents or guardians before we begin gathering personal data, namely in cases when we are aware that it is appropriate and if it requires a relevant law or regulation for personal data protection (the age limit dictating the responsibility to require this consent varies in individual countries). If you are a child above the age at which parental consent is required, you should read this Privacy Policy with your parents or guardian and make sure you understand them and agree with them.

    In the event we discover that we have been collecting the personal data of a child without the necessary parental or guardian consent, we will remove all this data as soon as possible.

    Access to some parts of Hiwe pages, and/or the eligibility to accept a prize, sample or other award may be restricted by an age limit. We may use your personal data to establish and verify your age and to observe the age limits properly.

    What Kinds of Data Do We Collect?

    “Personal data” in this Privacy Policy is information or parts of information that may serve to identify you. This information typically includes your name, address, username, profile picture, email address and telephone number. It may also be additional information, such as your IP address, shopping habits, and information about your lifestyle and preferences, for example your hobbies and interests. We may acquire your personal data from various sources, including:

    Informace, které nám sdělujete přímo

    Information that you give us directly, We may obtain information from you directly, for example, if you voluntarily provide your personal data to us when registering for a contest or a drawing for prizes, if you sign up to receive information or if you purchase a product or service from us, if you fill out a questionnaire, post a comment or ask a question. Information that we obtain from you directly:

  • name
  • address
  • email address
  • username
  • telephone number
  • credit card number or other payment information
  • age
  • date of birth
  • sex
  • location
  • user content, contributions and other content that you have sent to Hiwe’s web pages
  • information about your computer or other device that you use to access our services, including the hardware model, operating system and version, MAC address, universally unique identifier, telephone number, International Mobile Equipment Identity (“IMEI”) and mobile network information, including possible access of the service to the telephone directory
  • any other personal data that you have given us voluntarily

  • Information that we obtain automatically when you use Hiwe web pages

    In accordance with the conditions of this Privacy Policy and the relevant legal regulations, we (or a third party using services in our name) use cookie files and other tools (tools to analyze the web and pixel brand) that automatically obtain information about you if you use Hiwe web pages. Automatically obtained information includes:

  • information about which Web browser you use
  • details about the web pages you have browsed
  • your IP address
  • links that you have clicked on
  • your username, profile picture, sex, networks and other information, the use of which you have consented to when using third-party pages (for example, the use of the “Like” button on Facebook, or the use of the +1 function in Google+ and Twitter)
  • web pages you have visited before coming to the Hiwe web pages (collectively as “information about page use”)
  • Most web browsers accept cookie files in their default setting. You can change your browser’s setting so that it will block cookie files or notify you when they will be sent to your device. If you use various browsers or various devices, you must change the settings for each browser and each device separately. Please keep in mind that disabling cookie files may result in reduced convenience or the restriction of some functions when using Hiwe pages.

    Information we obtain from other sources

    We may also obtain your personal data from other authorized sources, including information from commercially accessible sources, such as public databases, data collection tools and information from third parties. Information that we may obtain from other sources includes:

  • your name
  • your address, street
  • your age
  • your shopping habits
  • your preferences and information about your lifestyle, hobbies and interests
  • publicly accessible information, such as user content, blogs and contributions, as allowed by law

  • On-line advertisement

    We may share information about your user activity on web pages with trustworthy third parties (for example with advertisers, advertising agencies, advertising networks etc.), in order to provide you with better page content, including pertinent advertisements for products and services that you may be interested in.

    These third parties may set up and have access to their own cookie files, web beacons and specialized technology on your devices, which will help us to customize Hiwe or third-party page content, including advertising, to your needs.

    In some countries we have started using advertisement control elements (AdChoices Icon) which may be displayed on your screen alongside the targeted advertisement that we (or a third party providing services in our name) are sending you, based on information about your user activity. By clicking on these elements, you will obtain more information about the method of collecting and processing your information, and you may also cancel this processing for the purposes of targeted advertising in the future. Please be aware that even if you cancel this way, you may still receive advertisements from Hiwe Company that are not sent based on information about your user activity.

    How Do We Use Your Personal Data?

    We may use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To improve our products and increase your convenience when using Hiwe pages.
  • To contact you about products and services that you may be interested in, assuming that you have given your permission for that, or that this contact is in regards to a previously requested product or service; therefore, this contact refers to your previous request and will take place within the time frame allowed by current laws.
  • An offer of products or services that you have requested from us.
  • After registering your account on Hiwe’s pages, or as soon as Hiwe obtains your email address in the manners described above, Hiwe has full permission to send notifications via email, including newsletter or announcements of any type allowed.
  • Hiwe may send announcements or notices to your device. You have the option of deactivating these notices whenever there is a setting change notification on your device.
  • The user hereby acknowledges that most information and data may be publicly accessible, with the exception of a private conversation space that is accessible only to a certain group of users.

    Intellectual Property

    Services and their content (and any derived parts or their improvements), including all texts, illustrations, files, pictures, software, scripts, graphics, photographs, sounds, music, videos, information, content, materials, products, services, URLs, technology, documentation and interactive designs (collectively called “Contents of Services”) and all rights to intellectual property severally, are the property of Hiwe Company, its providers, or both.

    Furthermore, all trademarks, service trademarks, business names and company design that may appear in the Contents of Services, is the property of Hiwe. Other than limited use of rights that are guaranteed to the user in these conditions of use, the user does not gain any other right, entitlement or share of the Contents of Services. All rights not expressly mentioned in these conditions of use are expressly reserved for Hiwe Company.

    Transfer of Your Personal Data

    We may transfer your personal data to servers located outside your country of residence or to branches or other trustworthy third-party companies from other countries which process personal data in our name. By using Hiwe’s pages or by providing your personal data to Hiwe Company in any other way, you are giving your consent to us to do so in accordance with the conditions of this Privacy Policy, and in accordance with current laws and regulations governing the protection of personal data.

    Please keep in mind that in many countries, regulations governing personal data protection are not the same as in your country. If your personal data appears in another country, it may be accessed in accordance with local laws, for example by courts, by criminal prosecution authorities, or by a national security agency. In the event of a legitimate request for access to your personal data, we promise that we will demand that anyone who processes your personal data outside your country of origin must proceed in accordance with provisions for the protection of your personal data, whereas this person is authorized to process this data only in accordance with the mandates of Hiwe Company.

    Safeguarding and Protection of Your Personal Data

    We will use all reasonable means and appropriate provisions for the protection of your personal data, whereas we will also require the same from all third-party representatives who will process your personal data. Access to your data is prohibited to prevent unauthorized access, modification or misuse. Only employees and agents of Hiwe Company are authorized to have access to your personal data, and only to the extent required for the given purpose.

    Your Rights to Personal Data Protection and Whom to Contact

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the way your personal data is handled, you may contact us via the “Contact Us” link on the Hiwe website, which will take you to this Privacy Policy.

    You have the right to contact us in the following events:

  • if you do not wish to have us contact you in the future
  • If you would like to obtain information about your personal data which we are processing
  • if you want to correct, update, block, clear or remove your personal data from our records
  • if you want to report any misuse of your personal data
  • If you give us your full name and details about yourself, you will make it easier for us to resolve your request.

  • Changes to Our Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy may change from time to time, when we publish an updated version of our Privacy Policy on the Hiwe web pages. In the event of any change in this document, we will inform you. We recommend that you visit our website regularly and reasonably often, so that you will have access to current information about how we are using your personal data.

    Other Privacy Policies of Hiwe Company

    In addition to this Privacy Policy, additional conditions or policies, applying to specific campaigns or promotions, may also go into effect. We recommend that you read these additional conditions or policies prior to participating in such a campaign or promotion, because if you participate, we will require your consent with these additional conditions. Any additional conditions or privacy policies will be accessible to you immediately.

    User Content

    Hiwe allows users to send, insert, relay or otherwise grant access to services (“present”) news, text, illustrations, files, pictures, graphics, photographs, comments, sounds, music, videos, information, content and other materials (“User content”). Based on the rights and licenses which the user hereby grants, Hiwe reserves the right to claim and share in User content. Hiwe does not guarantee the confidentiality of User content, even if it is not published in the Services. The user bears the sole responsibility for monitoring and protecting intellectual property rights in the relevant User content. Hiwe bears no responsibility for the above-mentioned items.

    (B) User is not authorized to insert User content protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral law or other intellectual property rights, or proprietary rights, without the express permission of the owner of the relevant right. User bears the exclusive responsibility for any damage caused by failing to obtain this permission, or for any other harm caused by User content provided.

    (C) User declares, guarantees and agrees that he/she will not insert any User content that:

  • (i) violates or in any other way damages the rights of others, including copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right or other right based on the intellectual property rights or proprietary rights of any person or subject;
  • (ii) presents himself/herself as a different person, is unlawful, threatening, defamatory, injurious, libelous, impacts private and public rights, is vulgar, obscene, disparaging, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate;
  • (iii) supports action that would constitute a crime, misdemeanor or other administrative delinquency, that would require compensation for damages, or that would otherwise violate generally binding regulations;
  • (iv) serves as an advertisement for products or services or a solicitation for financial contributions;
  • (v) contains personal information, such as notifications giving telephone numbers, account numbers, addresses or employer recommendations;
  • (vi) contains formulas, instructions or advice that may cause harm or damage; or
  • (vii) is a chain letter of any sort.
  • User actions that in our exclusive estimation restrict or block another user from using our Services are not allowed.
  • (D) By inserting User content, the user at the same time automatically declares and guarantees that the owner has granted Hiwe Company the global, free of charge, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive, licensed and transferable right and license to use, duplicate, distribute, create derivative productions, (including translations), to present publicly, to perform publicly, to convey and publish User content (in part or in whole), whichever Hiwe considers appropriate according to its exclusive consideration, (1) in connection with its course of business, and (2) in connection with the course of business of its legal successors, parent companies, subsidiary firms and companies associated with them. Hiwe is authorized to enforce this warranty in a format, media or technology that is currently known or will be developed later, for the entire copyright that is contained in such User content. User further grants other users permission to access his/her User content and to use, duplicate, publicize, create derivative productions, present and perform in public, transmit and publish his/her User content for personal, non-commercial use, made possible by the functioning of Services and by these Conditions of Use. Other than those specified above, User relinquishes all rights that he/she has or will have in any jurisdiction to so-called “moral rights” or “celebrity” rights with respect to User content.

    (E) By inserting User content, User grants Hiwe Company the right, but not the obligation, to use all of his/her data, including name and geographic location, in connection with broadcasting, print, on-line use or other use or publication of his/her User content.

    (F) Hiwe Company reserves the right to display an advertisement in connection with the User content of the User, and to use this User content for advertising purposes. User agrees that his/her User content may be included in web pages and advertising networks of Hiwe’s distribution partners and service providers as third parties (including their subsequent users).

    (G) Hiwe Company has the right, but is not obligated, to monitor User content. Hiwe Company has the right to edit, decline to publish, remove or block access to any User content according to its discretion and for any reason.

    Hiwe’s option to publicly share User content does not apply to private conversational space.

    Termination of Participation, Deletion of Contribution

    Hiwe Company reserves the right, according to its exclusive consideration and at any time, to terminate or stop the membership of a user, and/or to block his/her access to services for any reason of not adhering to the form and content of these User conditions of use. User agrees that Hiwe Company bears no responsibility toward User or to any third party for any termination or blocking of User membership, or for blocking User’s access to services.

    At the same time, Hiwe Company has the exclusive right to delete, based exclusively on its consideration, any contribution or other form of expression, if it violates good morals or a generally binding regulation, or the rules of decent behavior and ethics.

    Should one identical user create more than one account through pages of Hiwe, Hiwe Company can and will delete every additional account created by that identical user and will consider such account fake. Such user will be considered to willingly break code of moral conduct by trying to hide or alter his / her identity, in such case Hiwe Company is allowed without further notice to notify other users of all created accounts by one identical user, by listing them within that users profile.